Program Notes - 300 Film Club

Program Date Film Title Director Year
10/20/1949 Bianchi Pascoli Emmer, Luciano and Enrico Gras 1948
  Carpaccio Barbaro, Umberto 1948
  Mouse in Manhattan Hanna, William and Joseph Barbera 1948
  Tobacco Road Ford, John 1941
11/17/1949 Atomic Physics Mayne, Derek 1948
  Doctor Jack Newmeyer, Fred 1922
  Les Goemons Lallier, Etienne 1947
  A Yank Comes Back Dean, Colin 1948
12/15/1949 Fight for Life   1947
  Hamnstad Bergman, Ingmar 1947
  Mr. Prokouk's Conversion [Pan Prokouk Pokusení] Zeman, Karel 1947
  Paradiso Perduto Emmer, Luciano 1948
  Romantici a Venezia Emmer, Luciano and Enrico Gras 1947
1/19/1950 Ballade Atomique Image, Jean 1948
  Duck Soup McCarey, Leo 1933
  The Talisman Molander, Gustav 1947
2/20/1950 The Blood of a Poet [Le sang d'un poète] Cocteau, Jean 1930
  Drug Addict Anderson, Robert 1948
  La Leggenda di Sant'Orsola Emmer, Luciano and Enrico Gras 1948
  Shoulder Arms Chaplin, Charles 1918
  The World of the Crystal Sardan, A. 1945
2/16/1950 Accidents Don't Happen   1946
  The Broken Jug Ucicky, Gustav 1936
  The Cummington Story Grayson, Helen and Larry Madison 1945
  The Eiffel Tower Pol, Alain 1948
  Hunters Sucksdorff, Arne 1947
3/23/1950 The Apartment Upstairs   1935
  Olympic Games Riefenstahl, Leni 1936
  Painting a Chinese Landscape Wang, O. 1946
  La revolution de 1848 Spiri-Mercanton, Victoria 1948
4/20/1950 Dollar Dance McLaren, Norman 1943
  La Fin du Jour Duvivier, Julien 1939
  Jammin' the Blues Mili, Gjon 1945
  Othello Halstead, Henry 1946
5/18/1950 Intolerance Griffith, D.W. 1916
  Out of a Chinese Painting Brush Weng, Wango 1945