Program Notes Listed by Director

Film Title Year
Au Fou
Eastman House
Kristianstadt - Filmstaden
Japanese Wrestlers
John Barrymore
Let's Go to the Movies
Lindbergh's Flight
Little Willy Goes Cycling
Magic Memories
Mickey's Christmas
The Movies March Along
Poor Finney
Suicide Pilot
Boer War 1899
A Ruffian's Reward 1903
The Magic Glasses 1905
Winter Bathing 1905
Transformation c.1906
Aladdin's Dream c.1906-1907
The Miser c.1906-1907
Underworld of Paris 1906
Paris Policemen 1907
Nellie the Pretty Typewriter Girl 1908
The Love Story of the Inventor of an Aerial Torpedo [a.k.a. Possibilities of Future War in the Air] 1910
Napoleon in 1814 1910
The Rival Brothers' Patriotism 1910
The Grit of the Girl Telegrapher 1912
The Preacher and the Gossips 1912
The Widower 1912
What Happened to Mary? [serial] 1912-1913
A Daughter of the Wilderness 1913
How They Got the Vote 1913
Moscow, Russia, and Its Environs 1913
Oh You Baby! 1913
Ambrose in a Rage 1914
Bombs and Bangs 1914
Hogan's Annual Spree 1914
The Mad Lover 1914
Makers and Spenders 1914
A Mother's Influence 1914
Something in Her Eye 1914
A Transplanted Prairie Flower 1914
A Woman of Sin 1914
Gussle's Backward Way a.k.a. Syd's a.k.a. Backward Ways 1915
His Lucky Strike 1915
The Unpaid Ransom 1915
The Ghost of the Canyon 1920
The Forsaken Jew 1921
Topical Budget 1921
Trolley Troubles 1921
Africa F.O.B. 1922
Racing Hearts and Chasing Cops 1924
Sucker for Trouble 1924
Fighting for Fame 1925
There He Goes 1925
Vagabonding in The Pacific With John Barrymore 1925
Whispering Whiskers 1926
Fashions of 1927 1927
Parisienne Follies 1927
Street of Forgotten Women 1927
Gaumont Sound Mirror 1929
Lasca of the Rio Grande 1929
The March of Time 1929
The Temperance Lecture 1929
D.W. Griffith: An Interview 1930
The Fire Worshippers 1930
Red Cross Appeal (featuring Shirley Temple) c.1930
Coast to Coast in 48 Hours 1931
The 42nd Street Special 1933
The Adventures of a Newsreel Cameraman: "London Medley" 1933
General Electric Commercial 1933
Movie Milestones 1933
Fox Stars of the Future 1933/1934
Bela Lugosi Interview 1934
New Deal Rhythm 1934
The Apartment Upstairs 1935
DeMille and the Blue Laws 1935
Gaumont-British Promotional Reel 1935
Salesmen's Convention Reel 1936
Vitaphone Pictorial Review 1936
BBC Television: The First Six Months 1937
Daily Beauty Rituals 1937
Red Cross Appeal (featuring Deanna Durbin) c.1940
Safeguarding Military Information 1941
The Air Force Story, Pt. 1 1942
History of Aviation 1943
Resisting Enemy Interrogation 1943
Good Old Corn 1944
Once Over Lightly 1944
Report on German Morale 1944
It's Your America 1945
Accidents Don't Happen 1946
Fight for Life 1947
D.W. Griffith: Funeral Services in Hollywood, 1948 1948
History Brought to Life 1948
Kaleidoscope: Pike 1949
Movies Are Adventure 1949
Interview with Bela Lugosi c.1950
Interview with Oliver Hardy c.1950
The Screen Actor 1950
This Theatre and You 1950
Serial Cavalcade c.1955
DeMille and the Ten Commandments 1956
The Fun Factory 1959
The Saga of William S. Hart 1959
Volcano 1959
Joan Crawford Interview 1966
An Interview with John Ford 1968
William Wellman: An Interview 1972